Annually, organizations publish hotly-anticipated lists of “best places to work,” naming these outstanding companies according to their performance across criteria. One criteria they look at closely? Communication.


“Best workplaces” commit to open, honest, effective communication. They understand its power and devote resources to developing it.


We believe all success or failure hinges on the quality of communication. Certainly, achieving your business goals depends on your ability to communicate greatly. And although we communicate more often and in more ways today than ever before...more isn't better. The quality of communication has not improved with technology. That's why we developed GO COMMUNICATE YOURSELF! (GCY).


GCY is an employee training curriculum that delivers actionable guidance on communicating effectively within diverse teams. Divided into three levels, the GCY curriculum starts with “absolute musts,” or communication advice that has always been true—and always will be.


The skills in Levels 2 and 3 increase in sophistication (and impact), refining emotional intelligence and self-awareness to drive productivity, engagement and business results.

This material can be delivered in different ways, according to your needs:

  • A series of on-site workshops.

  • Content delivered in digestible parts, like via internal newsletters over

  • time (consider spreading out one chapter per month, for instance).

  • A manager might choose to facilitate sections during team meetings.

  • Any combination of these.

GCY helps you transform your company across five dimensions:


INNOVATION. When people put forth ideas freely, without fear of feedback or failure, innovation surges.


ENGAGEMENT. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. Good communication is a requisite for engagement, boosting trust and alignment with company goals.


PURPOSE. People in communication-savvy cultures engage in self-reflection about the meaning of their work. They work from a place of shared mission and purpose.


PRODUCTIVITY. Clarity about procedures, protocol, regulations and deadlines keeps the wheels oiled. This is common sense—but it isn’t applied commonly enough.

GROWTH. Mistrust. Misunderstanding. Misalignment. Good communication helps remove these costly obstacles to growth, propelling your company to take its leadership position in the market.

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